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Skinny Soul

Skinny Soul

Hootennany (n.) – thought to be an old Scottish word meaning party, it came to be the name by which the lively events where acoustic musicians and singers came together to play music and celebrate life—and possibly raise a few bucks for rent—were known. These laid back sessions always involved joyful audience participation—from a little bit a foot-tappin’ to an all-out, lusty sing-along.

There is no better word to describe a SKINNY SOUL event.

Best heard in the intimate, rarefied atmosphere of a coffeehouse, their short, sweet, and often playful, songs come to life–breathing out the familiar raw and ragged sounds of American acoustic music, and driven by a passionate heartbeat formed by the joys and sorrows of love gained and lost, and life lived in the midst of flowers and thorns. You can’t help but be pulled into—and yes—tap your foot to, and sing along with, these heartfelt songs.

The songwriting duo that forms the nucleus of the band–Chelle Costello (piano, vocals) and Doug Harsch (guitar, vocals)–have been playing together in varying contexts on-and-off for the last five years, often accompanying each other’s songs in a live setting. However, last year they began collaborating on a whole new catalog of songs together. The band, SKINNY SOUL, and their joyful music, is the result.

Fans of bands like the Shovels & RopeThe Lone Bellow, The Avett Brothers, The Swell Season, Civil Wars, or The Lumineers are all sure to find something to like.

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